Planning Documents

The Town of Brookside has been a member of the Five Mile Creek Greenway Partnership since its beginning in 2003.

Brookside Bike-Hike Trail Plan

In March 2008, TRC Worldwide Engineering (TRCWW) was contracted by the Town of Brookside to conduct a corridor feasibility study for a proposed bike/hike trail from the Town of Brookside to the CSX Cane Creek Rail. The greenway and open space
developments in the Town of Brookside, including historical site preservation; such as the Field’s Cemetery, and canoe access to Five Mile Creek, the proposed Bike/Hike Trail would serve as a major greenway destination along the CSX Rails-to-Trails project.

Proposed Brookside Bike Hike Trail
Proposed Brookside Bike Hike Trail

Brookside Comprehensive Plan

A Plan for the Future that Embraces the Past May 9, 2009.

Click here for a PDF file of the 2009 Brookside Comprehensive Plan